Sharing at Google Hack Fair 2015

Emotional Design has become one of my favorite topics now. The Google Hack Fair event was awesome, there were a lot of great apps built by young people, and people were asking a lot of questions. Like a lot. The 3-hour workshop (Emotional Design + Usability Testing) that I conducted was too short, but it felt great to share and inspire others to deliver a better design for people. Flying back to Singapore tomorrow morning. Need a good sleep.

Rapid UX Design in 2.5 days: Learn at a Faster Rate

It’s very unlikely that our first attempt will be a success when we’re designing UX. In Viki Design Team, we’re doing rapid UX design, so we can learn at a faster rate and improve our design. People come up with many ideas (and some are good) when we have built the momentum to keep going. We know we might be wrong, so we don’t mind changing our design along the way. The goal is to fail early and be better. We limit the time so we don’t get too attached to our design. Too attached will make us defensive to change. See the flow below that I created using Grafio on my iPhone 6 Plus. In the meantime, I wanna enjoy the bus ride to the office first. 

Rapid UX Design by Borrys Hasian

Learn at a faster rate in Viki Design Team