Sketchstorming and a Happier Life

Sketchstorming is one of my fav exercises at Rakuten Viki. When we’re sketching and sharing the ideas, there were always laughter, and I could feel the positive energy it brought to the people participating in it.

“Laughter is a powerful antidote to stress, pain, and conflict,” Melinda Smith wrote in Laughter is Best Medicine.

I’m even more excited that Sketchstorming has become a common thing in Rakuten Viki. It’s not about the sketching, it’s about believing in your ideas and the confidence level of communicating them to others.

How We Did Rapid Sketching in Viki

We call it SKETCHSTORMING. The goal was to come up with many different ideas to the challenge we have: “In what ways might we keep our users coming back to” See the breakdown of stages, from answering “What Matters to the Users?” in 10min, until each of us sharing the sketches we made in 15min.

The secret: Get enthusiastic people to join, don’t limit/filter your ideas and keep them flowing by sketching them quickly.

It’s a well spent 45min with the awesome people (2 UX Designers, 1 UX Researcher and 1 Product Manager).