Sketchstorming and a Happier Life

Sketchstorming is one of my fav exercises at Rakuten Viki. When we’re sketching and sharing the ideas, there were always laughter, and I could feel the positive energy it brought to the people participating in it.

“Laughter is a powerful antidote to stress, pain, and conflict,” Melinda Smith wrote in Laughter is Best Medicine.

I’m even more excited that Sketchstorming has become a common thing in Rakuten Viki. It’s not about the sketching, it’s about believing in your ideas and the confidence level of communicating them to others.

Quantity. Quantity. Quantity.

We have a regular design meetup, called DesignDojo. This month was about Sketchstorming. We’ve been using this method a lot, as part of our ideation stage in Viki, and I was so excited to see how people used the method and shared their ideas. Sketchstorming is about releasing your confidence in communicating your ideas and to overcome the fear of rejection. It’s about quantity. Coming up with as many ideas (sketches in this case) and discuss them with others, be inspired by others, and hopefully it can trigger a better design/idea/approach.

Feel free to join our DesignDojo Meetup. See you there.

From Brand Experience Workshop to Sketchstorming

What a day! Started early for preparing the Brand Experience Workshop, then ended the day with a sketchstorming for our new homepage.

Not Everything Is About Money

Not everything is about money. I’m involved in a non-profit project, and it feels good doing something without money as the motivation. Trying out Instagram’s Hyperlapse, I’m sketching out some screens for the project.

User Interfaces Are About Look and Feel

I stumbled upon a page written by Bill Buxton, when I was Googling for ‘Who invented touch screen?’, and I thought it would be great to share it here: Multi-Touch Systems that I Have Known and Loved.

Bill Buxton

User interfaces are about look and feel. -Bill Buxton

From Wikipedia: “Bill Buxton’s scientific contributions include applying Fitts’ law to human-computer interaction and the invention and analysis of the marking menu (together with Gordon Kurtenbach). He pioneered multi-touch interfaces and music composition tools in the late 1970s, while working in the Dynamics Graphics Project at the University of Toronto. Recently, he is also known for his book Sketching User Experiences: Getting the Design Right and the Right Design (Morgan Kaufmann, 2007)”