Fostering Innovation for Better Design

I was so excited to be invited by Zhi Min from Institute of Systems Science NUS to share about Viki, product development process, best practices, and our work-in-progress ED (Emotional Design) Score. We need more of this collaboration to foster innovation for a better design. Good job to Teo Choong Ching and Esther Fan for sharing the best practices in user research and prototyping.

Inspiring Others to Become a UX Designer

I was one of the panelists at General Assembly ‘s event tonight. The topic was about opportunities in UX Design and sharing the journey to become a UX Designer. It always feels great to share experiences and thoughts so others can learn and be inspired. The other panelist were awesome people, and they’re passionate about UX Design, that gave a great positive energy to me. 

Time to get some sleep for a better weekend tomorrow.