ED Score (Emotional Design Score)

I’m excited to finally released ED Scoring method to Slideshare. At Rakuten Viki (especially the Design Team), we’ve been experimenting with different kind of work flows, with a goal of having a better collaboration between team at Rakuten Viki. There were three main problems that I found:

  1. No clear approach in communicating why a product is bad and frustrating.
  2. No structured method to compare our own product with competitors’ product.
  3. Unclear actionable items to improve the experience.

We’ve set our challenges (see them in the slides), and to cut things short, I’ve come up with ED Score (Emotional Design Score). ED Score is about “Communicate feedback and discuss improvement better with clear actionable items.” I won’t write a lengthy blog post, you can view the slides below. I’d expect people to try it out, share with us what worked/didn’t worked, and suggest better methods. Would be awesome if you tweet and mention me (@borryshasian) with your thought/experience when using it.

The Resources to Start Learning about UX Design

People ask the same question every time I finished conducting UX Design Workshop: What are the resources to start learning about UX Design?

Some people would have different preference, these are my favs:

The important thing is to understand the principle of designing a good UX. The medium could, and would change. But if you understand the reason why, you should be able to design on any medium. 

Don’t forget to also enrich your creativity with this: Fuel for Designing Interfaces.