Unique Place for UX Workshop

I went to Jogjakarta – Indonesia last week to conduct a UX Design Workshop. What I like most about it was the place. It’s designed to be like a traditional hall, and I liked it a lot! The people were also awesome. Some of them are connected with me through LinkedIn/Facebook/Twitter, and we met in-person for the first time. So excited! The part where people were queueing to take some pictures with me was also awesome 🙂

I think I had enough trips this year. Need some good rest until end of the year. Nevertheless, the pass 2-3 months have been awesome, and I can’t wait for what’s coming in 2016.

Sharing at Google Hack Fair 2015

Emotional Design has become one of my favorite topics now. The Google Hack Fair event was awesome, there were a lot of great apps built by young people, and people were asking a lot of questions. Like a lot. The 3-hour workshop (Emotional Design + Usability Testing) that I conducted was too short, but it felt great to share and inspire others to deliver a better design for people. Flying back to Singapore tomorrow morning. Need a good sleep.

Mentoring at Google Launchpad

It has been a crazy week. I was lucky enough to be Google Launchpad Mentor for UX & Design. For almost a week, I was mentoring several startups in Jakarta – Indonesia. Smart and young people, and it felt great to share with them my thoughts and experience in designing UX.

I chose a topic that I’ve been always interested in, Emotional Design. I was combining several thoughts (including Don Norman and Barry Schwartz) to come up with the slides.

It was a really a crazy week. I visited some companies, and gave a short talk and Q&A session with their product/design/engineering team, I was also invited to Telkom University and shared about Emotional Design with students + lecturers. Continue reading

How to Live Longer

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Family gathering. #family #life #weekend #indonesian

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I read somewhere that we would live longer if we have a good social life. Whether it’s true or not, having good friends will make our lives complete and the present feels like a gift.

This morning we had a muslims family gathering at Jurong Singapore. Most of us were Indonesians, so we’re also celebrating our independence day (it’s on Aug 17th). It’s a hot day but we had so much fun!

I created the video below using iMovie and Vimo on iPhone 6 Plus. 

There’s Nothing We Can Do About Death, But…

As the search of the missing AirAsia flight QZ8501 continues, everyone’s hope that all passengers will be found safe has now faded. Indonesian search and rescue officials have confirmed that more than one body has been found in the sea, they conceding the aircraft likely crashed in violent weather and sank to the bottom of the area’s shallow waters.

PK-AXC, the missing aircraft, at Singapore Changi Airport in 2011.

Reuters reported from the scene at a centre for relatives in Surabaya when TV footage of a floating body was broadcast: Continue reading