Details Matter It’s Worth Waiting to Get It Right

I’m working on the improved experience across devices. It’s not only about the visual design, but also about the flow, interaction, and layout. “Details matter, it’s worth waiting to get it right, ” says Steve Jobs.

The thumbnail is the most used component on the website and app, but I think we haven’t done it well, with details that make the overall interface looks great. Inspired by Google Material Design, I’m using 8dp square baseline grid, and 4dp when it’s needed (e.g the space between ‘new ep’ badge and the left edge). The blue square is the target area for the overflow icon (40dp x 40dp).


Another challenge is to make the Top Volunteers more engaging, one variation:


I’m unifying and simplifying the flow across devices, focusing on the users key goals: discover shows and watch show. See one solution below:


See above design on Dribbble:

I still have a lot of things to be done, but everything looks great so far, and using 4dp/8dp baseline grid helps to lay things out perfectly on the screen.

Learn more about Google Material Design’s Metrics and Keylines.

My Tiny Dent In The Universe

Mentoring startups from around the world at Google HQ – Mountain View. Awesome and unbelievable.

Sharing at Google Hack Fair 2015

Emotional Design has become one of my favorite topics now. The Google Hack Fair event was awesome, there were a lot of great apps built by young people, and people were asking a lot of questions. Like a lot. The 3-hour workshop (Emotional Design + Usability Testing) that I conducted was too short, but it felt great to share and inspire others to deliver a better design for people. Flying back to Singapore tomorrow morning. Need a good sleep.

Mentoring at Google Launchpad

It has been a crazy week. I was lucky enough to be Google Launchpad Mentor for UX & Design. For almost a week, I was mentoring several startups in Jakarta – Indonesia. Smart and young people, and it felt great to share with them my thoughts and experience in designing UX.

I chose a topic that I’ve been always interested in, Emotional Design. I was combining several thoughts (including Don Norman and Barry Schwartz) to come up with the slides.

It was a really a crazy week. I visited some companies, and gave a short talk and Q&A session with their product/design/engineering team, I was also invited to Telkom University and shared about Emotional Design with students + lecturers. Continue reading

Having a Big Goal Could be Too Big

3 months ago I initiated a project for defining Viki‘s Design Language. Ideally it should be something like the Google’s Material Design. A lot of stuffs in Google’s, so we aimed for smaller parts as a start: colors, typography, buttons and links. Simple, right? Surprisingly, after 3 months, we still haven’t got it done. A lot of back and forth, emails, discussion, chat. The goal seemed small, but actually it’s not. For colors, we need to define primary color, accent color, tint/shade. Buttons, there are flat button, raised button (button with a container), different states and so on. Similar for typography and links. It’s a lot! Doing one thing right is not easy, and we’re trying to do 10 or more things.

So today I decided to break the goal into smaller goals, then I kept breaking the goals until Continue reading