Quantity. Quantity. Quantity.

We have a regular design meetup, called DesignDojo. This month was about Sketchstorming. We’ve been using this method a lot, as part of our ideation stage in Viki, and I was so excited to see how people used the method and shared their ideas. Sketchstorming is about releasing your confidence in communicating your ideas and to overcome the fear of rejection. It’s about quantity. Coming up with as many ideas (sketches in this case) and discuss them with others, be inspired by others, and hopefully it can trigger a better design/idea/approach.

Feel free to join our DesignDojo Meetup. See you there.

Every Second Well Spent

Borrys Hasian With IDEO's Tom Kelley

With IDEO’s Tom Kelley

What a day! Early in the morning I sent my youngest son to school, then at the office, observing my colleague, Esther Fan – a UX Researcher, doing usability testings, after that – an exciting (and challenging) discussion to decide something related to Viki’s community on our adaptive web project (led by Dhruv, the awesome intern), in the afternoon – a design review meeting with the bosses and then another design discussion with Teo – our UX Designer, in the evening attending a lecture from IDEO’s Tom Kelley, reached home then enjoying delicious food with my lovely wife, and now, while writing this post, accompanying my son playing NBA Rush on the iPad. Of course it’s tiring, but the people I interacted and met with, made every second well spent. Can’t wait for tomorrow!

Singapore’s Design Masterplan: A Tiny Dent in the Universe

I’m so excited to be invited by the Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI) to co-create with them on the strategies and programmes that will guide Singapore’s new Design Masterplan for the next eight years (2017 – 2025).

I’ve always been interested in nurturing people in design and creativity space (see some workshops that I’ve conducted). The people in the group came from different background: film/game maker, lecturer, design-preneur, fashion designer, and entrepreneur. It’s very inspiring to listen to different thoughts on the future of design in Singapore. This is just the beginning to start having a tiny dent in the universe, and I can’t wait to give more contribution to the people, especially in design and creativity space.

The Desire to Achieve

A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others.” The quote inspired me to try something new today, and I decided to create a vector illustration of my profile pic. I’m not an illustrator, so this was my first attempt, motivated – not by the desire to beat others, but to achieve something that I’ve never done before. See the shot on dribble: Myself in Vector.

What do you think?

Myself in Vector by Borrys Hasian

Myself in Vector

Fuel For Designing Interfaces

News ideas are the combination of old ideas. This applies to designing interfaces as well. Some interfaces design that I got when I was on the bus, in the train, or while waiting in a queue, were a combination or modification of interfaces that I’ve seen before. You improve the chance of coming up with a good interface design when you have enough ‘fuel’ to be mixed/combined/modified. Here are the places where I get my fuel from:

It’s not about being a copy cat, it’s about creativity.

I’m Not Leonardo Da Vinci, But It Doesn’t Matter


If you ask a bunch of kids, who can draw a horse, every kid will raise his hands with confidence, and answer “Me!” with an excitement. If you ask a bunch of grown up people, no one will do it, unless you have Leonardo Da Vinci in the group. This makes a lot of differences in our life. With that kind of attitude, kids are relatively more creative compared to adults. They can always see and do things differently.

This morning, I was watching my kids playing at the playground. Although I can’t draw, there’s a thought to draw using Paper on my iPad. My adult ‘intuition’ said “You can’t draw, it will look ugly,” but then I said to myself “Who cares? What matters is that I just do it with excitement and having fun!” So here’s my ‘masterpiece’, a sketch of kids playing at the playground. It was fun, at least for myself. You should try it!