Sketchstorming and a Happier Life

Sketchstorming is one of my fav exercises at Rakuten Viki. When we’re sketching and sharing the ideas, there were always laughter, and I could feel the positive energy it brought to the people participating in it.

“Laughter is a powerful antidote to stress, pain, and conflict,” Melinda Smith wrote in Laughter is Best Medicine.

I’m even more excited that Sketchstorming has become a common thing in Rakuten Viki. It’s not about the sketching, it’s about believing in your ideas and the confidence level of communicating them to others.

The Sweet (or Sweat) Spot of Good UX

The sweet (or sweat) spot of good UX, is about users desirability, business viability, and technology feasibility. It’s even more challenging when we’re working on improving our Viki Homepage. I felt good about the launch (although we didn’t touch the visual design yet), because everyone was involved in the process, from our top executives (I flew to SF to meet all of them) to our engineers. It’s a win-win piece. It gave a great energy boost to start the 2016. To infinity and beyond!

From Brand Experience Workshop to Sketchstorming

What a day! Started early for preparing the Brand Experience Workshop, then ended the day with a sketchstorming for our new homepage.