Fostering Innovation for Better Design

I was so excited to be invited by Zhi Min from Institute of Systems Science NUS to share about Viki, product development process, best practices, and our work-in-progress ED (Emotional Design) Score. We need more of this collaboration to foster innovation for a better design. Good job to Teo Choong Ching and Esther Fan for sharing the best practices in user research and prototyping.

Pixate Could Be The Answer to My Prayer

I’ve been trying to find the (near) perfect tool for designing interaction that matches my workflow and preference. From Axure,, marvelapp, InVision, UXPin, After Effect, to Facebook Origami using Quartz Composer. Nothing satisfies me. The closest might be Facebook Origami, but it doesn’t allow me to experience my design on the device. Then I found Pixate yesterday. I tried it, playing around with it this morning, and happy with the workflow and the experience. I mainly use SketchApp, and although there’s no direct export to Pixate from SketchApp, but I feel the workflow is (quite) smooth. It could be the answer to my prayer of having a (near) perfect interaction design tool.

Join a Game Interaction Design

See the interaction design that I created this morning on Dribbble: Joining a Game Interaction Design. I’ll share my workflow later, switching to family time now. Have a great weekend everyone!

Swipe to Unlock Prototype With Axure RP 7 Beta

Snapshot of Swipe to Unlock

Snapshot of Swipe to Unlock

I’ve been playing around with Axure RP 7 Beta, and I became addicted to prototype things. One user asked about how to create a swipe to unlock prototype with Axure v6.5 (see the Thread: Advanced Animation in Axure), it’s not that easy with v6.5. Some new features in v7 help to create this kind of prototype easier.

You can see the live demo here: Swipe to Unlock Prototype.

If you’re interested to learn how it’s being done, and download the .rp file, join the conversation on this thread: Tap & Swipe to Unlock Screen discussion.