ED Score (Emotional Design Score)

I’m excited to finally released ED Scoring method to Slideshare. At Rakuten Viki (especially the Design Team), we’ve been experimenting with different kind of work flows, with a goal of having a better collaboration between team at Rakuten Viki. There were three main problems that I found:

  1. No clear approach in communicating why a product is bad and frustrating.
  2. No structured method to compare our own product with competitors’ product.
  3. Unclear actionable items to improve the experience.

We’ve set our challenges (see them in the slides), and to cut things short, I’ve come up with ED Score (Emotional Design Score). ED Score is about “Communicate feedback and discuss improvement better with clear actionable items.” I won’t write a lengthy blog post, you can view the slides below. I’d expect people to try it out, share with us what worked/didn’t worked, and suggest better methods. Would be awesome if you tweet and mention me (@borryshasian) with your thought/experience when using it.

Fostering Innovation for Better Design

I was so excited to be invited by Zhi Min from Institute of Systems Science NUS to share about Viki, product development process, best practices, and our work-in-progress ED (Emotional Design) Score. We need more of this collaboration to foster innovation for a better design. Good job to Teo Choong Ching and Esther Fan for sharing the best practices in user research and prototyping.

The Sweet (or Sweat) Spot of Good UX

The sweet (or sweat) spot of good UX, is about users desirability, business viability, and technology feasibility. It’s even more challenging when we’re working on improving our Viki Homepage. I felt good about the launch (although we didn’t touch the visual design yet), because everyone was involved in the process, from our top executives (I flew to SF to meet all of them) to our engineers. It’s a win-win piece. It gave a great energy boost to start the 2016. To infinity and beyond!

Mentoring at Google Launchpad

It has been a crazy week. I was lucky enough to be Google Launchpad Mentor for UX & Design. For almost a week, I was mentoring several startups in Jakarta – Indonesia. Smart and young people, and it felt great to share with them my thoughts and experience in designing UX.

I chose a topic that I’ve been always interested in, Emotional Design. I was combining several thoughts (including Don Norman and Barry Schwartz) to come up with the slides.

It was a really a crazy week. I visited some companies, and gave a short talk and Q&A session with their product/design/engineering team, I was also invited to Telkom University and shared about Emotional Design with students + lecturers. Continue reading

From Brand Experience Workshop to Sketchstorming

What a day! Started early for preparing the Brand Experience Workshop, then ended the day with a sketchstorming for our new homepage.

I Do and I Understand

Chinese proverb “I hear and I forget; I see and I remember; I do and I understand.” After completed the Brand Experience Course from Cooper, the best way to understand it is to do it. Today I had a great time facilitating a brand experience workshop at Rakuten Viki San Francisco. It’s not just about the method. It’s the people who made the workshop good. Almost everyone attended the workshop, and I love enthusiastic people!