Don’t Just Copy. Be Better.

I’ve always been annoyed by people who abuse the term Industry Best Practice. People need to start asking WHY and don’t just copy what others do. It’s very easy to copy, but difficult to be better. To be better, we need extra effort, finding out the WHY.

Definition of Industry Best Practice by some people that I’ve met recently:

Industry Best Practice, noun: We’re too lazy to think of better ideas and if the big companies are doing it then it must be good.

I have a dream to be a design leader one day, but my chance might be zero if I never act like one. Followers just copy. Leaders make things better. “They change things,” a line from Apple’s The Crazy Ones ad says, when talking about the people who have changed the world. It’s gonna be a challenging path, most people are comfortable with status quo, but I don’t wanna spend my time becoming a follower. I wanna change things.

Unique Place for UX Workshop

I went to Jogjakarta – Indonesia last week to conduct a UX Design Workshop. What I like most about it was the place. It’s designed to be like a traditional hall, and I liked it a lot! The people were also awesome. Some of them are connected with me through LinkedIn/Facebook/Twitter, and we met in-person for the first time. So excited! The part where people were queueing to take some pictures with me was also awesome 🙂

I think I had enough trips this year. Need some good rest until end of the year. Nevertheless, the pass 2-3 months have been awesome, and I can’t wait for what’s coming in 2016.

Sharing at Google Hack Fair 2015

Emotional Design has become one of my favorite topics now. The Google Hack Fair event was awesome, there were a lot of great apps built by young people, and people were asking a lot of questions. Like a lot. The 3-hour workshop (Emotional Design + Usability Testing) that I conducted was too short, but it felt great to share and inspire others to deliver a better design for people. Flying back to Singapore tomorrow morning. Need a good sleep.

UX Design. Open Data. Corruption Watch.

Fight against the bad guys with Technology, UX Design and Open Data. When are we gonna win? Only time will tell. I’ve done my part. One of the best ways to spend the Saturday with my family.

Taking a picture with the Minister of Youth & Sports with my kids.