UX Designer. Simplicity. Improving people’s lives, one interface at a time.

Hello, I’m Borrys. I’m the first Indonesian to become Google Expert in UX/UI. I’m a designer who came from Electrical Telecommunication Engineering background, worked as Lead Software Engineer, Product Development Manager, and UX Design Consultant. I founded Circle UX – a design & innovation company based in Singapore, with a branch in Indonesia.

I’ve been a UX/UI Mentor for Google Launchpad Week and Google Launchpad Accelerator’s Bootcamp in Mountain View – CA. I initiated UX Indonesia community and have been actively evangelising design sprint, goal-directed design, emotional design, and simplicity to the design community. I started Design Dojo Singapore, a hands-on design meet up with a focus on sharing and learning together.

My goal is to spread the love of design, teaching and helping people build products that people love, improving people’s lives one interface at a time.

I live in Singapore with my lovely wife and three adorable kids.

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