The UX Is Not Just About The UI. It Could be Outside of The UI.

I got a taxi using GrabTaxi this morning, and when I asked the driver “Do you find any difficulties using the App?” he answered with “No, I’m happy,” then he turned to me and with a big smile said “They give a good incentive.” This is interesting. So the way you feel might have an impact on the perceived ease-of-us, and this is somewhat related to the peak-end heuristic: “…people judge experiences largely based on how they were at their peak (i.e., their most intense point) and at their end, rather than based on the total sum or average of every moment of the experience.

The app might not be the best, but at some peak point, maybe when he got the incentive, he felt so good, that he rated the overall experience as good. So the UX is not just about the UI. It’s not just about designing the experience when accessing the app. Applying Peak-end could help us to be more efficient, designing the experience effectively to the points that matter to the users, and those points might be outside of the app itself.

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