The Easiest Way to Find Out What People Actually Need

People Need

Most people can’t articulate what they need. Sometimes what they say they want, is not what they actually need. The easiest way to find out what people actually need, is by asking why, repeat the answer, and ask why again. When you find out the need, you can come up with many solutions, instead of focusing on one aspect that might not serve the need. For example, you design a webpage, and there’s this blue button that says “Buy Now“. Others might say “can we change the color to bright red?” Instead of being defensive about the color, and start a lecture about your visual design style, ask why?” They might answer “because we want to drive people to buy now.” Repeat, “we want to drive people to buy now,” then ask “why?” Again, they might answer “because most of the visitors, when they visit our site, have product information brochure in their hands, they don’t need more detail, they just wanna buy the product.” Red button was the easiest solution they could think of, to make it stands out. Now you know the context better. Removing stuffs will increase attention to what’s left. You can remove the copy details to make the button stands out. That’s how designers work. Provide solutions without being defensive about our own design. Design is only a means to solve user problems/needs, not the end goal.

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