How to Avoid Endless (and Frustrating) Design Debate

Taste is subjective. “I think it looks better,” doesn’t solve any problem. Designers are there to solve users problems, to help them getting their needs easily. I’ve been involved with some (if not many) designers who work like a painter: designing interface for their own pleasure without any clear user goals. I’m not saying painters are bad, but painting is a different thing compared to designing interface. Design is intentional. The design should drive users to a goal, e.g help users to decide which show to watch, or help users to decide which plan works best for them. The best way to avoid endless design debate, is to keep asking “What’s the goal?”

Your visual design might be so awesome it makes other designers feel embarrassed, but if it doesn’t help users to get to what they need, then it’s useless. Always remember that UX design is not just about visual design, there are other aspects that build up the experience, from strategy (business goals, user needs) to skeleton (interface design, information design, navigation design).

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