Don’t be a Cruel Designer

Feedback is good. Getting a lot of feedback from people outside of the design team (internal people or end-users) is awesome. It’s awesome because people took time to look at my design, and it makes me think more of why I made certain design decisions. Combining design sense, best practices, and users feedback, or results of an A/B test, or any other research, gives me the best design rationale. People who have weak design rationale tend to be defensive when they get feedback. “All cruelty springs from weakness,” said Seneca. Closed-minded, non-collaborative, super defensive. All “cruelty” that springs from a weak design rationale. For people who work on consumer facing web/app, getting feedback is essential. The only way to know if the design works, is to let people see it, try it, experience it. The sooner I know that something doesn’t work, the better. I can improve, rethink of the design rationale, look for some other alternatives. Not only the design will get better overtime, I’ll grow as a designer. I won’t be a cruel designer.

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