Your Personal Reason to Succeed

Time flies if you enjoy life. My last post was in February, and now we’re in June. So many things happened with Viki, especially on its web. We’ve simplified the navigation bar, improving the way users explore content through the Explore Page, defining Viki Design Language, we’ve done a lot of A/B Testings, and hiring more designers. I’m so fortunate to be part of its improvements, and I’d say I was lucky to get the opportunity to join Viki. When I was introduced to Viki’s vision, I asked myself “Does it sound like me?” I don’t wanna spend most of my time doing something that’s not meaningful to me. If it’s meaningful to me, I will have my personal reason to succeed. Viki’s vision is “Bringing down language barriers that stand between great entertainment and its fans, no matter where they are,” and I believe it will give me a chance to make a tiny dent in the universe, make people happier with great entertainment. That personal reason to succeed took me to where I am today, heading the UX & Design team in Viki to delight people. Ask “Does it sound like me” before you join a company, don’t waste your time doing things that you don’t like.

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