Challenge The Assumption: Font Choice.

Quick survey, which one is more legible, left or right? (click on the image to see it in full size)

Roboto vs Open Sans

Roboto vs Open Sans

I’m working on Viki Design Language, which includes typography. Viki has been using Roboto for years, but I’m not happy with it. I prefer Open Sans. Open Sans is more legible. I think Roboto is too bold, the kerning and tracking don’t seem right, and the characters are not easily recognizable compared to Open Sans. Although Google is pushing Roboto through Material Design, I think we should be designing for what’s best, instead of just following some design guide blindly. We need to challenge the assumption that something is the best, and not just keep using it because it’s been used for long.

Looking at the comparison above, it wouldn’t be a surprise if you chose right for the more legible interface. It would be interesting to have some usability testing to see how fast users can read the video description. In the mean time, I’ll keep experimenting with different font-family and weight.

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