The Ideal UX Designer Job Description

UX Design is getting popular. More companies are hiring UX Designer, although from my personal experience, most of them mixed-up the UX Designer role with Front-End Engineer or Visual Designer, even the headhunters who contacted me were confused with the ‘correct’ job description. Job description might vary from one company to another, but it’s clear to me when the job description mentioned something about ‘able to create the interface using HTML/CSS/JS’, or ‘create assets for the developers’, then they mixed-up UX Designer with Front-End Engineer or Visual Designer. From what I know, UX Designers might come from different background (e.g Interaction Designer, Front-End Engineer, Visual Designer, or even Marketing person), so a UX Designer who was a Front-End Engineer might prototype the interface directly using HTML/CSS/JS because it’s easier for him/her, hence the confusion of the ‘correct’ job description came. It’s also because UX Design field is still new. I was using Google Trend to view ‘UX Design‘ term, and it’s started to be popular only in June 2008.

UX Design Trend from 2004 to 2014

UX Design Trend from 2004 to 2014

So what’s the ideal job description for a UX Designer? For me, the job description from Viki when I got the job in 2014 was ideal:

  • Work with senior management to help set product direction based on goals.
  • Design intuitive, fun consumer products for Viki viewers and volunteers.
  • Work closely with product, business and marketing teams and engineers to understand and translate requirements.
  • Design and analyze interactions to support key growth metrics.
  • Develop user flows, UI specs, mock-ups as needed.
  • Incorporate user feedback from multiple sources into subsequent releases.

So it’s about

  1. understanding business goals and user needs,
  2. designing an intuitive and enjoyable product/service based on the goals and needs,
  3. and improving the product/service continuously, driven by data/analytics and other research methods (e.g survey, usability testing).

A UX Designer might be able to code using HTML/CSS/JS (I have a codepen account), or even designing the final interface using Photoshop/Sketch (I also have a dribbble account), but he/she should be focusing more on the three things I mentioned above.

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