Anticipation to Add The Feeling of Surprise

It’s easier to present content in a static form, but some things can be more surprising and pleasurable if we add animation to them. Anticipation is one of the fundamental 12 basic principles of animation, and if it’s done correctly, can add the feeling of surprise to the users.

Anticipation Animation

Early on at the Disney Studio the animators learned that audiences could not easily follow the animation unless there was a “planned series of events” leading the eye. Therefore, in order to prepare the audience for an action, the animators would add a so-called anticipation drawing, allowing the audience to anticipate the main action in the scene. This would also help to make the action appear more realistic. –Anticipation on Wikipedia

See the example that I created above (you can view it on Dribbble as well: Profile Info Animation). Simple animation with animated counter – as preparation for presenting the main content, giving some delay to the users before they find out the final numbers. The element of surprise makes the interaction more fun.

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