Surprise, an Essential Part of All Entertainment

People enjoy surprises, our brains are hardwired to enjoy surprises. It’s so basic that it’s often overlooked and forgotten.

My Son's Drawing

My Son’s Drawing

Whenever I open my sketchbook, I have a pleasant feeling that I might find some surprising drawings of my kids. From drawing of me as an Iron Man, to saying something sweet like Daddy I Love, they all make a routine activity of opening my sketchbook into something more pleasant.

Similar things can be applied to whatever app you have. When designing your app, ask some questions to remind you to give some pleasant surprises to the users:

  • What will surprise the users when they first open my app?
  • Do key tasks / flows have surprises?
  • Any surprise when they complete the key tasks?
  • What about the visual design?
  • What about the interaction design?

With surprises, the app will not only be functional, but it will also be memorable. It connects with your users emotionally.

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