Fool for Five Minutes or Forever. Your Choice.

The good thing about posting my design to dribbble or code to codepen is that it’s exposed to other people so I could get some feedback or critics. When people are giving me feedback or critics, I realize that I’ve got so much to learn. Whenever I wanna ask some questions to other people, I sometimes have a thought that people would think I’m a fool for asking such a simple question.

“He who asks is a fool for five minutes, but he who does not ask remains a fool forever.” -Chinese Proverb

When I posted Button to Modal Transition to codepen, I got some feedback, and I was lucky to have an awesome front-end team in Viki who has a good culture of sharing and learning. I asked a lot of questions (e.g ‘What does &:before mean?’), and it even made them happier to share their thought and experience. I knew something new that I didn’t know five minutes ago. Asking questions is good because it means I’m willing to learn and improve. It means I’m growing. No one cares if I didn’t know what &:before in CSS means five minutes ago. So I’ve got nothing to lose by asking questions.

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