Do More, To Be “Usable but Ugly” is a Choice

If 1,000 people are doing the same thing, how would you stand out from the rest? By doing more. Good things will come if you’re willing to do more. By giving more, you’ll be getting more, and people always appreciate extra effort.

I was browsing around some site, when they asked me to register, during registration process, for the password field, I only keyed-in 6 characters. They asked for at least 10 characters (this is the first I found a site who asked for 10 characters of password), and the way they display error message is very functional. Borrowing the term from Don Norman: “usable but ugly.” I’ve always been a fan of animation for interface, so I created a shaking textfield with a simple animation for confirmation on codepen: Shaking Textfield Validation.

You can create a more engaging experience by simply moving things. To be “usable but ugly” is a choice 🙂

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