A Big Fan of SketchApp

I was a big fan of Adobe Fireworks, and since Adobe is killing Fireworks, I was forced to use Photoshop for interface design, and I was not enjoying the design process at all. Then SketchApp came, and I’m now a big fan of it. A lot of designers switched from Photoshop to SketchApp, you can search on Google for ‘Switch from Photoshop to SketchApp’. I’m using SketchApp as my main tool for interface design now, check out my dribbble for some designs I created using SketchApp. The communities are growing, one of the popular sites is SketchApp Source, where you can download a lot of awesome stuffs designed using SketchApp.

Check out a FREE stuff that I created, and featured by SketchApp Source:

Direct page on SketchApp Source: Simple iOS Voting App .sketch resource.

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