Using Your Own Thumb to Define Comfortable Touch Area on Mobile

I’m working on improving Viki’s mobile app, and I want to make an enjoyable experience of browsing the shows/movies. I really want to surface the variety of content that we have, bring out links (currently they’re in the drawer) to key content like TV shows and movies. My goal is to put key actions/links within comfortable touch area. How do I determine that area? I saw on the train and bus, a lot of people are using one hand to hold their mobile phone, and inspired by an article from @shoobe01 about this touch area, I used Adobe Ideas on my iPhone, held my phone with one hand, and started tapping on the screen using green ink. You can see the area that I could reach within my thumb.


I was curious to see what if I overlay my touch area to Facebook, Twitter, and the existing Viki app. See the images below:




Bottom tabs might be a good alternative. I’m still sketching some things to make it more engaging. Still too early to decide.


Note: I’m using Adobe PS Touch to do the overlay.

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