Tiny Contribution to Science

Dan Ariely has an app called “Pocket Ariely.” I’ve always been a fan on him, a very entertaining behavioral economist. I read the description of the app on iTunes, still thinking whether I should spend $4.99 for this app:

Introducing Pocket Ariely – the greatest app ever created!…Does $5 sound pricey for an app? Think about how much you spend on coffee in a week. Or how much money you waste on products you don’t need. Just think: you could improve your life forever by saving your lunch money and bringing a salad to work on just a couple occasions. Your waistline may thank you, too!

Pocket Ariely Snapshot

I was still not convinced, until I read this part:

But most of all, think about how the purchase of this app will help the blossoming field of behavioral economics, as all profits will be put toward research being conducted at Dan Ariely’s Center for Advanced Hindsight at Duke University.

So, by buying this app, you are ensuring its future existence. Thank you in advance for helping science.

I was sold. I wanted to help science, so I immediately clicked on the BUY button. It’s a tiny contribution, but I believe that the researches done by Dan’s team would improve people’s lives.

Do you wanna take a part?

See Dan’s post here: Introducing Pocket Ariely – The Greatest App Ever Created!
See the app on the App Store to download.

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