Doodling to Control Your Anger

Doodling can be a way to control your anger. Today I had a bad experience when calling the customer service of Starhub. Calling customer service has never been an enjoyable experience for me, but I managed to control my anger by doodling. I put my anger into the doodle 😀
Doodling to Control Your Anger

From Wikipedia: A doodle is an unfocused or unconscious drawing made while a person’s attention is otherwise occupied. Doodles are simple drawings that can have concrete representational meaning or may just be abstract shapes.

I tried to search for Doodling to control your anger on Google, and found a related term called Art Therapist. Some interesting quotes that I found:

  • “Art therapists have been achieving significant results in stress reduction for many years with these techniques.”
  • “Art Therapists believe that the act of creating a piece of art triggers an internal activity that helps us to heal in both an emotional, physical, and spiritual way.”
  • “Art therapy encourages self-expression, self-discovery and emotional growth; for these reasons, it has been used in the treatment of mental illness for almost 100 years. As a form of psychotherapy, art therapy often involves both the creation of art and the discovery of its meaning. Individuals are encouraged to visualize, and then create, the thoughts and emotions that they cannot talk about.”

There’s also an interesting study about doodling: Doodling Helps You Pay Attention.
If doodling doesn’t work for you, try Goosfraba from the movie Anger Management.

Goosfraba is something Eskimos say to their children to calm them down.

We might not need anger management when calling the customer service, if they do things mentioned here: The 5 Smartest Things to Say to an Angry Customer.

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