Just Because I’m a Designer, Doesn’t Mean I Can Always Trust Any Other Designer

Don't Just Trust Other Designer
We have so many projects running at the same time, we need to hire 4-5 Visual Designer freelancers. We also have budget constraint, so the most efficient (or cheapest?) way is to hire remote designers that cost us less than hiring someone local in Singapore. There are some challenges that I’ve experienced by myself. Like the risk of having the designer disappeared. Just disappeared in the middle of project. We used to pay the designer 50% upfront when we started the project. We don’t do it anymore. Instead we pay $50 upfront (we still want to be nice), and after we’re happy with the first draft of main screen design, then we’ll pay the 50% minus $50. So far it works well.

The other problem that I had so far, that looks (portfolio showcase) can be deceiving. Nice showcase, but surprisingly bad at some basic design principles like visual balance. I was wondering many times, if they just stole some snapshots from someone else’s work. Some people are less responsible when they’re working remotely.

Unless I’m hiring someone that I know really well personally, I don’t just easily trust any other designer now. I wish I could.

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