While We Teach, We Learn

“While we teach, we learn,” said Seneca, the Roman Philosopher. I’ve learned that the best way to understand something, is to explain it to others. It’s also a good way to find out what I don’t know.
detikcom - Improving People's Lives, One Interface At A Time
In January 2013, I had a privilege to conduct a UX Design workshop with detikcom‘s product management team. detikcom is one of the largest online portal in Indonesia, the leading breaking news provider, with its 3 million page views per day. They have quite a big product management team (around 18 people), because they have a lot of services. They serve the customers via multi channels: website, mobile site, and mobile apps.

It’s a 3-day workshop, called ‘UX Designer Apprentice’. The participants were going through a hands-on experience: doing some sketches, design collaboration, and usability testing. The participants were awesome, the food were good, and the sessions went great. It’s such a memorable experience. I’ve found the thing I love, and it’s great to see my vision – ‘Improving people’s lives, one interface at a time’ being accepted by others.

If you’re interested in the workshops, see Our Workshops and drop us a message to discuss on how I can help you and your team to improve the user experience of your products/services.

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