Don’t Show It If It’s Not Available

Imagine if your friend invites you to a party. The food smells good, when you’re about to grab it, then your friend says “You can not have that food, it’s only for people who live 5km from here.” Would you be disappointed? I’m sure you would. You’re invited, and you expect that every food is for everyone. Why wouldn’t it be? If it’s not for everyone, why would your friend show it to everyone to smell and see?

I had a similar feeling when I came across an article on Yahoo News. When I tried to click the video in the article, it showed “We’re sorry, this video is not available in your location.” If they could detect my location and determine its availability, they should hide this video in the first place. Why would they show it, and disappoint me? Don’t show it if it’s not available.

Yahoo News - Video is Not Available

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