I Couldn’t Buy The Ticket


I noticed a man kept clicking on “Buy Standard Ticket” text to buy an MRT ticket on a ticketing machine. He looked frustrated. I offered a help, and he said “I couldn’t buy the ticket.”

It didn’t work because users actually need to click on either Map or Station Name button. How come he didn’t use the two buttons below the text? This might be the design fault. It makes sense to click on “Buy Standard Ticket” to buy a ticket, doesn’t it?

Some simple improvement that could be made:

  • Remove the action word, change the copy “Buy Standard Ticket” into “Standard Ticket”
  • Add action word to the button: “Select from Map”
  • Add action word to the button : “Use Station Name”, or “Pick Station from the List”

The copy might be longer, but it’s more important to help users to buy ticket with minimum pain than forcing the copy to be short.

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