Green to Answer, Red to Decline

I’ve been using Plantronics headset for 2 months, mostly for Skype call. It has four buttons for shortcut: A button to call and hang up, two buttons for volume control, and a mute button. I use the mute button a lot, especially when I have a conference call with several people. The mute button is very useful when someone else is talking, because the noise from surrounding environment can be annoying sometimes. Even after two months, I still made several mistakes, pressing hang up button, when my intention was to unmute the headset.


The green one, is call/hang up button. The red one, is unmute button. I think I’m familiar with this cue: Green to call/accept call, and red to reject a call. So when I did a conference call, I only took a quick look at the buttons, because I needed to look at my laptop as well. Unconciously think that green is to talk, I pressed the green hang up button.

Intuitive things are designed to be familiar. I think they should change the Phone button color to red if we’re in an active call, or just provide a different button to hang up. And the mute button should work the same. I’m not sure how much it’s gonna cost, but it’s gonna be a better design for sure. *below is the screen shot from my iPhone. See the convention: Green to talk and Red to reject/decline.


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