Let’s Show Them What We Got!

Some people like to overwhelm the users with product’s features information. “Let’s show them what we got!” But the users are not you. They might need some time to digest all of the information you gave, and the right information has to be delivered at the right time.

I love using Evernote, and today I tried their feature to create a note via email. After I sent the email, I got this reply:


They gave me tips on how to send a note to specific notebooks, adding tags, and even adding a note to an existing one. I didn’t know that feature exists, but the information came just at the right time: after I sent my first note via email. It didn’t overwhelm me with a lot of how-to upfront, and it did gave me that ‘WOW, I could do more..!’ feeling.

Don’t overwhelm users with a lot of information and how-to. It’s more important to deliver the right information at the right time, and you’ll make the users happier.

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