Wait, We Need Your Feedback!

I found this at Changi Airport, terminal 2. It’s a nice touch screen with a simple task: click on any of the emoticon to rate the toilet.


I was curious to see how many people tapped the screen. So I stayed for about 10 minutes.
After 10 minutes, it seemed that I was the only person who gave feedback. Seeing the real data would interesting, but I assume only a few people tapped the screen.
I think the placement of the screen is not right. It’s placed near the exit, where people were going in and out in a rush. The best place would be near the hand wash area, where people have some time to pause, and probably wouldn’t mind giving a simple tap on the screen.

A task would be intrusive if it somehow cuts the normal flow of the person’s activity. It’s like someone trying to grab you when you’re about to go, and said “Wait, we need your feedback!”

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