Now, Put Everything on Mobile Apps

I came across an interesting article about how mobile devices are on track to replace conventional computers in Asia: Mobiles surge in Asia, to overtake PCs. It’s interesting, because for years, I’ve been told and read many advices about designing mobile app: focus on key tasks, and don’t put every features you have on the website version to mobile app.

Take Indonesia, with 78% of internet users go online using tablet or smartphone. If we’re talking about expectation, these users would expect that they can do anything with their devices, so taking only key tasks might not be the best approach for this market. I remember the frustation of trying to remove the tag from a Facebook photo using my iPhone. I can’t remove the tag using the Facebook app. This might be a secondary task, not the key task, but it’s important, and I expected it to be there, as I access my Facebook like 90% of the time through my iPhone.

The challenge now is not about choosing the key tasks, it’s about porting the web/desktop experience to the mobile experience. Somehow people are more demanding when it comes to mobile experience. It’s a tough task, but it’s Fun, and if it can make someone else’s life easier, it’s worth the effort.

Image source: Dilbert from Dilbert Strip.

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