How to Get Ideas for Your Splash Screen Design

Even if iOS Human Interface Guidelines suggested you to ‘Avoid displaying an About window or a splash screen. In general, try to avoid providing any type of startup experience that prevents people from using your application immediately,’ people are still displaying splash screen for many reasons. It gives a good feeling to see your product’s and company’s name shown when the app starts. If you decide to ‘break’ the Apple’s Guidelines, and looking for inspirations for the splash screen, you can browse some UI pattern sites, which thousands of people browse the same sites as well, or you can try something different: find inspirations from Movie Posters. It’s a good exercise to be creative as well, mixing things to come up with a new poster, or splash screen in this case.

My favorites are from Pixar’s Collection
Pixar's Posters
So, what’s your plan for the first impression?

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