Superman Is Not Here Anymore

I got an email from a recruiter, asking me if I know anyone, she said something like “The client needs a rockstar iOS engineer, who’s also a UI/UX expert to create a simple and easy-to-use application.”
I replied her like this:

I need to clarify this: Do you need two persons: iOS Engineer and UI/UX expert, or do you need an engineer who’s a UI/UX expert?

Even if you didn’t ask for my opinion, I can’t afford not to give one: Engineer and UX Expert are different 🙂
Be careful when you found some developers who claimed they’re expert in UX, most of the time they don’t know what they don’t know, and they’re “dangerous” to the products built because they think they know how to build a simple and easy-to-use app, but the fact is they don’t.

If you don’t agree with my thought, then it’s ok. I didn’t say all developers are like that, it’s just based on my experience with developers who put usability or interface design or UX in their LinkedIn profiles. And I put ‘be careful’ there.
I’m doing that to help them actually. To help them set a right expectation when interviewing people, and not to encourage developers to put ‘UI/UX expert’ in their resume, just because many clients ask for that Superman.

If you are a client, who’s looking for a developer who can at least translate your requirement into wireframes (assuming you can’t afford to hire another guy for UX Design), you can test the candidate during the interview: give him 2-3 pieces of paper, then ask him to roughly design wireframes for an app that combines two famous services, e.g Facebook and Instagram. Then ask him to explain the flow and the design. You’ll know his level of UX design from there. If his wireframes make sense, he might not be a UI/UX expert, but you have at least someone who can translate your requirement into wireframes, then build the app. Whether it’s gonna be a simple or easy-to-use app, it’s a different story.

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