You Don’t Have to Know How to Code by Yourself

I read in one of the UX forum, someone asked something like: “Do I have to be able to code, to become a UX Designer?”
Some answered no, some answered yes.

One answered ‘not necessarily’ because “It gives you the advantage of not being constrained and trying things that might not be possible, then trying to figure a way to bend technology to make it happen.” (Todd Zaki Warfel).
Another answered “Knowing how to code your own designs makes you a better and stronger designer (just like an architect knowing fundamentals of construction, or an engineer able to build a working machine), otherwise you’re always dependent upon someone else (time/resource/budget/etc.) and you’re at their disposal and know-how, which can really weaken your position/authority/credibility in cross-functional debates.” (Uday Gajendar).

For me, I agree with both answers, with a ‘but’ to Uday’s answer: You don’t have to know how to code by yourself, you just have to find out and know that someone else has done the code. For this one, you just have to be able to type, read, and ask.
Type your search using Google, read the result and browse them, then ask questions.
You’ll be surprised how happy people are when you ask them questions on their blogs or forums.

After you’ve found that someone else has done the code, you’re ready to ‘defend’ your design when some ‘smart’ guy told you that your design is not doable or gonna take a lot of time to build.
No one is as smart as all of us.

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