Context Is The Key To Understand Everything

You designed an iPhone app wireframes using your Mac, showed them in a meeting to the others, got feedbacks, had discussions, improved the design, showed them again, this time you printed them, and you had another fruitful discussion with others.
It seems like a perfect process, except that you’re missing one important thing: context.

For me context is the key – from that comes the understanding of everything. -Kenneth Noland

The people who are going to use the app are not using laptop, or even papers. They’re using iPhones.
The feedback and the direction of the discussion would be very much different when you’re look at the design on the phone itself.

When you see the design on the phone, you can immerse yourself in the experience of using it directly on the phone, even though it’s just a pdf of a series of pages.

I always try to show my design on the phone using .pdf or clickable .pdf.
I use Omnigraffle most of the time to design wireframes, link pages, export them to .pdf, and then open them using GoodReader on my iPhone.
GoodReader is good because it has annotations, highlights, and markups. I can just add any feedbacks, or add any interaction ideas that can’t be solved during the meeting.

Remember that context is very important in designing User Experience, and put the design on the device itself will help you to think from users point of view.

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