It’s Not How You Feel, It’s How You Measure It

A friend said that User Experience is subjective. A person might say that one interface is hard to use, thus giving him a bad experience, while another person might say that the interface is super easy-to-use. That really depends on each person’s knowledge and past experience. So yes, I agree with him that User Experience is subjective.

Making everyone happy is impossible, that’s why you have to set your target users, which somehow share a common characteristic, and design the best user experience for those users.

Same thing can happen to the team who’s involved in the development of an app/website. A person might say that the design, created by a UX designer, is boring, not usable, doesn’t have a good user experience. But don’t get distracted by these kind of people. Many times, this kind of people just wanna show their ego, that they thought they know many things. It sucks, but don’t take it personally. Instead, challenge them to further explain their thoughts using constructive and users-focused solution.

Behind every argument is someone’s ignorance. -Robert Benchley

One of the things that I like to use, is the five quality components of usability by Jacob Nielsen:

  1. Learnability
  2. Efficiency
  3. Memorability
  4. Errors
  5. Satisfaction

You have to be able to measure your design by those components as well. You can’t just say “I design it because I feel that’s the best way of doing it”.

I understand that some things will become automatic, we’ve designed a lot of things, and somehow we, as UX Designers, just know that it’s the right design. But it’s not enough, especially if someone says it’s a wrong design. It’s not how you feel, it’s how you measure it.

Don’t accept the invitation to argue on subjectivity, instead focus on the users, and apply those five quality components to improve your design.

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