Selling UX Design: Inside to Outside

I’ve been through some painful presentations on selling UX Design to the organization. I showed some external successful case studies (like The $300 Million Button), and it’s always like this: “Yes, we agree with you. We want ease-of-use, we want users to have a good user experience, but…”

You can always find 1001 sentences for the ‘but’.. But we don’t have enough time, but we don’t have enough budget, but…, but…

It’s just so damn easy to find excuses!

The thing is, everytime you try to find the solution to that ‘but’, like “Who says we need a lot of money to improve the UX?”, then it’s like you’re forcing the other guy to admit that he’s wrong, and people don’t do that. At least not right away.

So what’s the best way to sell UX Design to people? Start from the inside. Start by improving current apps. Create an improved version of the current app, and let people use it: feel it, touch it, experience it. It does’t have to be a full-blown working app. A prototype will do, but should be good enough for people to experience the difference.

If the design is good, people can feel the difference, and then they’ll be more receptive to the idea of UX Design. Then only you might wanna show the outside, the external case studies.

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