Distance Does Matter: Google+’s Share vs Twitter’s New Tweet

Today I just noticed that Google+ has a share button at the top right. The ‘Share What’s New’ box will appear near that share button. This is an effective UI!

There’s one of many ways to improve the effectiveness of an interface, using Fitt’s Law. Basically, Fitt’s Law gives you the average time a user to succeed in getting a cursor to a button.

Fitt's Law

Compare Google+’s share and Twitter’s New Tweet. On Twiter, when user clicks on the ‘New Tweet’ at the top right, the new tweet box will appear in the center, far from the Prime Pixel.

Prime Pixel is the reference used for the single point of space that your input device’s cursor is currently on.

You can use this theory to defend your design, or make a suggestion when you’re arranging elements on your site for a better and usable website. It looks like a small thing, but the impact to success of your site might be huge 🙂

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