Android Patterns

Android Patterns. From the site:

This is, a set of interaction patterns that can help you design Android apps. An interaction pattern is a short hand summary of a design solution that has proven to work more than once. Please be inspired: use them as a guide, not as a law.

Why should you refer to patterns like this? It’s not about saving time, although it will to some extent. It’s about creating something that’s intuitive. Because an intuitive application is designed to be familiar. If something has been used several times, if not many times, the chance is people are used to that interaction, it’s familiar, hence it has a huge potential to be intuitive.

The creativity will be needed from you, when you apply the known pattern to solve your design problem.

Another thing, that site relies on the contribution from people. So if you came up with a new pattern, please share it with the world. Let’s spread the joy of ease-of-use.

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